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Crispin Merrell

Film, Television & Media

A selection of Crispin Merrell's wide-ranging credits in film, television, conducting and advertising


Death Machine   Sci-fi feature (theme/incidental)
Jamaica Street   World Cinema short (theme/incidental)
Stephen King's Thinner   Feature (incidental)
American Psycho   Feature (incidental)
Pixel Perfect   Animated Feature (incidental)
Midnight Dance   Animated short (performance/orchestral)


Gerry Anderson's
New Captain Scarlet
International sci-fi series
Space Precinct   International sci-fi series
Lavender Castle   International sci-fi series
Big Meg Little Meg   Granada sitcom
Matchpoint   BBC quiz show
Hong Kong Hand Over   ITV News Special
You Only Live Once   BBC chat show
Champions League   ITV football (incidental)
Malcolm in the Middle   US sitcom (incidental)
Fresh Prince of Bel Air   US sitcom (incidental)
Planet's Funniest Animals   ITV pet show (incidental)
Manhattan on the Beach   Ch4 series (incidental)
BAFTA Awards   Sean Connery Tribute
Tomorrow's World   BBC science show (incidental)
Children in Need   BBC fund-raiser (incidental)
How Do They Do That?   BBC show (incidental)
Wycliffe   ITV1 drama series (incidental)
Top Gear   BBC motoring series (incidental)
Heaven & Earth Show   BBC show (incidental)
News & Weather   ITV1/Granada (incidental)
Scrapheap Challenge   Ch4 game show (incidental)
Young Gifted and Broke   ITV1 show (incidental)
SM:tv The Next Generation   ITV1 show (incidental)


The Hex   Themed Ride for Alton Towers
Driver   Sony Playstation
Millennium Experience   Krazy Kats
Capital One Radio   Ident jingles
PC Encyclopaedia   Oxford University Press
20+ Library CDs   Amphonic / Gung Ho / Your Tune

DVD and Video

Sainsbury’s Active Kids   Kindred Productions
Mercedes Benz   Corporate
BT Promo   British Telecom
Imperial Society
of Teachers of Dancing
A Celtic Journey Through Time   TV / Retail
Total Body Fitness (1 & 2 )   Retail (Prod Award)
Brand New   Nickelodeon Show Promo
Travel Shows   Various, Global TV


The Path to Peace   An Oratorio by Junusza Kohuta
with The Choir of the Polish Cultural Society
Film Styles   Amphonic Music
Gerry Anderson's
New Captain Scarlet
International sci-fi series
The Hex   Themed Ride for Alton Towers
Cheese & Tease   Gung Ho


Mail on Sunday   TV
Mitsubishi   TV
Honey Monster Sugar Puffs   TV
Grolsch   Radio

Movie Trailers

Fanny and Elvis    
Terror at Blood Mansion