Crispin Merrell, Film and Temevision Composer Composer Crispin Merrell in his studio Composer Crispin Merrell in his studio

Crispin Merrell

Film and Television Composer

Crispin is one of the UK’s most innovative and exciting composers, with many collaborative and solo credits to his name. On the film Death Machine, he worked with director Stephen Norrington whose credits include the blockbuster action horror film Blade and the action adventure movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. On Space Precinct he worked with the highly respected James Bond director John Glen, together with Sidney Hayers the director of the legendary Baywatch and Knight Rider TV series.

Crispin’s most recent major work is for Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet, the CGI TV series for Granada/Sony TriMedia, transmitted on the ITV network.

Crispin is extremely versatile and can easily work to any budget. He has his own studio fitted out with highly sophisticated equipment using the most comprehensive and articulated sounds currently available.


Crispin studied at the Royal College Of Music and began composing professionally at the age of fourteen. An accomplished pianist, he won first prize in the Young Pianist Of The Year national competition and was awarded the Associated Board Gold for the highest marks in the country for grade 8 piano. At 16 he started writing for the Amphonic Music Library, composing and conducting varied styles and genres of music including the ITN News special on the handover of Hong Kong to China and the Sony Playstation hit Driver.

He then went on to compose the music for Death Machine, his first feature film. It was during this time that international producer Gerry Anderson MBE heard Crispin's music and asked him to work on his 24 part TV series Space Precinct. Since then Crispin has worked on the Granada Television series Big Meg Little Meg and on two more Gerry Anderson projects, the 26-part Lavender Castle series and New Captain Scarlet. Crispin is currently working on a concerto for tenor saxophone.

Saturday 8th November 2008: Barry Gray Centenary Concert is a success!

Crispin performed with the Philharmonia Orchestra on, what will be remembered as, a truly wonderful evening at the Royal Festival Hall in honour of the great composer Barry Gray.

A special thanks to Ralph Titterton, Cathy Ford, Francois Evans and Tim Mallett.

Here's a piece from Fanderson - The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society:
Barry Gray Concert Does Composer Proud